The Goodwin Project: Travel, surf, and raise a family [VID]

The Goodwin Project: Travel, surf, and raise a family [VID]

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Follow the Goodwins, a nomadic family of four, as they travel, surf, and star in a unique documentary about a young family moving boldly though the world.

WHAT EXCITES ME about the Goodwin Project is the element of the unknown that the family and the filmmakers must step into. No one knows what will happen, where it all will lead. To live this way takes courage, creativity, trust, and faith.

It also helps to have a kick-ass website and a dedicated crew to shoot and edit the impending film. If the teaser is any indication, The Goodwin Project promises to be an adventure of discovery and a close look at what a family can be and become.

From The

‘An adventure cannot be written before it happens so the film remains untitled until it unfolds. Together with a small film crew the Goodwins will document how they are changed by their travels, and the effect they have on their acquaintances, hosts, friends and ticket agents as they circumnavigate our planet, through 18 countries and four seasons.’

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